Pregnancy Symptoms

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Nausea/Vomiting- This is very common during early pregnancy and usually resolves by 12-15 weeks gestation. Relief measures may include: Getting up slowly in the morning and sitting at the side of the bed, eating crackers at the bedside, eating five to six small meals a day to avoid an empty stomach, avoiding citrus juice or spicy food, lying down, or sipping carbonated beverages. If nausea and vomiting become severe, let us know.

Headaches- Headaches can be more frequent particularly in early pregnancy. Relief measures include: rest, massage, hot or cold compresses, and Tylenol. Call us if they become very severe or you are having blurred vision or seeing spots.

Round Ligament Pain- This is pain in the lower abdomen on one or both sides. It is caused by the round ligament, which supports the uterus stretching as the uterus grows. You can usually tell that it is round ligament pain because although it may be a constant dull ache it usually enhanced by sudden movement such as standing up straight or turning over. Relief measures include: Bending over, avoiding sudden movements, and supporting the Uterus with pillows while lying down.

Backache- Constant backache is usually back strain from growing uterus and the center of gravity being off. Relief measures include: Good posture, flat shoes, heat to the back, Tylenol, massage, maternity abdominal support, pelvic tilt, and support with pillows while lying down. (If backaches occur intermittently it may be caused by contractions and could be a sign of preterm labor.)

Constipation- Relief measures include: increasing fluid, eating a high fiber diet, and regular exercise.

Heartburn- Relief measures include: eating small frequent meals, avoiding spicy-foods, limiting fluids with meals, and using antacids. (see medication list)